How do i know if the watch fits me perfecty?

Today, i will write about how to fit a watch perfectly. Most customers are unsure how they should wear their watch, if it is the first time you are owning a watch or you had many before, ensure the watch doesn't spin on your wrist. Watches that spin, will be damaged easily, you might have a cracked crystal or a non working movement soon, because of the hits the watch will take.

Also you have to be very careful about not having it too tight, if the watch squeezes your wrist tight, you might feel that you like at the time of sizing, however as our wrist gets larger and smaller, (from weather or food) you will find that, it is a bother.

The best fitting watch is the one that you are comfortable with. You can try to push your pinky between your wrist and the watch and if you can fully insert it, then you have a perfect fitting watch.

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